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teeth  whitening

The WHITE Brightening System works with a combination of LED light and a specially formulated gel. The cool, blue LED light is used to dehydrate teeth, opening up microscopic tubules in the enamel. By opening up the tubules the gel is able to sink in and lift stains quickly and efficiently. In simpler terms, the combination of the light and will enhance the natural white in your teeth to diminish staining.Sessions are typically 60 minutes but can be as long as 75 minutes or as short as 45 minutes. There are at least three 15 minute rounds in each sitting.

Every client is different which will might change treatment time, depending on their enamel type and desired look.Results will usually last 3 to 6 months depending on teeth structure, hygiene and oral habits.Little to absolutely no sensitivity guaranteed  !!


 Full Treatment $100 (60MIN)

Single Treatment $50 (30MIN)

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